Michigan's #1 3-D Archery Range

We have the title of being Michigan's #1 3-D archery range, but it didn't come easy. With over a year and a half of development and many long hours of township and county meetings with the support of the community we were able to provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable atmosphere for bow hunters and target archers. With tons of crushed stone being brought in, we were able to coat the 23 acres of 3-D trails that run through the archery range so that people do not have to be concerned with wearing boots. Mosquitoes and bugs are not a problem since we applied chemicals as needed to keep them under control. The course is always clean because we have staff continually walking through the trails picking up litter, branches, etc.

The 3-D course has 30 Rinehart archery targets which are the best 3-D targets made today. Aluminum and Carbon arrows are easily pulled from these targets due to their soft, flexible foam construction. For the bowhunter we have 3-D animals ranging from buffalo, elk, caribou, deer, bear, turkeys, pigs, goats, and others.

There are three raised shooting platforms which are easily accessible and safe. Also there are several bowhunter shots from blinds and other structures, including shooting over a pond and through a corn roll. The 3-D archery targets are placed in natural settings to provide the image of actually bow hunting yet they are very challenging for the average bowhunter and even the experienced target archer. There are 4 shooting stakes, the closest for the beginners and kids and the farthest for the competition shooters. Trails are very user friendly even for baby strollers or wagons so that families can bring their small children.


7360 S. Forest Hill Road, St. Johns, MI 48879 | (989) 224-9307

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